Belly Library started as a mission to challenge the founder's insecurity and developed into a long run project that we would love for people to take part in. Belly Library is one of the first body part libraries showing the variety of bellies emphasizing that everyone is unique. We want you to be drifted away by scrolling through the amount of mesmerizing bellies. Belly Library takes away the identity and displays the body part out of context. Leaving you to see the details and realise how special each and your belly is.

Belly guards you. Belly carries you. Belly gives you life. Belly supports you. Belly comforts you. Belly hurts. Belly bloats. Belly stretches. Belly shrinks. Belly breaths.


Bodiessance platform started with initial thoughts of being a supportive website to help people of any age, gender or race who struggle with their body image and are seeking help online. Therefore, we listed below a number of emergency contacts if you need immediate support.


Beating Eating Disorder

Eating disorder charity offering online help and phone 365 days a year helpline

0808 801 0677 (England)

Mind Infoline

Mind provides advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem

0300 123 3393 (England)

Mindline Trans

Mindline Trans+ is an emotional and mental health support helpline for anyone identifying as transgender, non-binary, genderfluid

0300 330 5468 (England)


Shout is a free and confidential 24/7 text service. To start conversation text 'Shout'

85258 (UK)